Top Ten Must-Watch and Most Anticipated 3D Movies in 2010

The success of Avatar made way to the new technology in movies–3D Technology. The year 2010 is very promising in movie industry because the rise of 3D in movies is inevitable that almost all movies are shot in 3D to give more emphasis on the photography, visual and audio effects. The characters will look real while you are watching every move they make. Here is a list of the top ten most anticipated 3D movies this year;

Top 10: Yogi Bear 3D

In this movie, you will be able to witness the voice talents of Anna Faris and Tom Cavanagh (Observe and Report). To make it perfectly entertaining, Dan Akroyd is thrown in to complete the cast. So far, a lot of people and families wait for its release.

Top 9: Piranha 3D

If you’ve watched previous Piranha movies and enjoyed, there is no valid reason why you couldn’t enjoy with this one. The fact that it is shot in 3D is a great factor to wait for its release. It could be a fun movie for the family.

Top 8: Alpha and Omega 3D

Previews of this movie will show that this movie has romantic and flick parts. You will surely find this 3D movie conducive for family entertainment. It is a must-watch movie for the whole family.

Top 7: Step Up

This is another production from Disney so you could expect too much from this movie. Previews of this movie revealed the dazzling 3D effects at play with superb plot and story. This can keep adults busy while keeping teens smiling. The perfect duo Adam Sevani (Step Up 2) and Alyson Stoner (The Suite Life of Zack and Cody) make this movie even more interesting to watch.

Top 6: Alice in Wonderland

Obviously, it belongs to the most anticipated movies of the year. With Johnny Depp in the cast, expect something outrageous, but don’t forget that this one would be better viewed in 3D. Your sense of sight and hearing can surely distinguish the difference between effects of non-3D movies.

Top 5: Megamind

One more time, Dreamworks brings another 3D movie to enjoy in summer. You should have watched this amazing movie with its combined heroic and comedy scenes. Perfected by 3D technology and the cast which includes Brad Pitt, Will Farrell, Tina Feye and Jonah Hill.

Top 4: Despicable Me

Finally, Universal Studios has produced something new for movie viewers. Despicable Me is about an evil villain who has nothing but a plan of stealing the moon. If you haven’t watched this movie, then you just missed a big laugh.

Top 3: Friday the 13th (Part 2)

Are you fond of camping with your friends? Watch this movie and you don’t want to go in any of your escapades. The title itself implies something evil or something unlikely to happen when you go out of your home during Friday the 13th.

Top 2: Shrek Forever After

The first Shrek movies were so great that even children cannot forget every scene. Now, Dreamworks even made it more enjoyable for the family and appealing for the viewers by using the 3D technology to enhance the visual effects and audio surrounds.

Top 1: Toy Story 3D

This could be the last and the final of the Toy Story series. Pixar set everything up with a good plot bearing the continuity of the first Toy Story movies. Also, the use of the 3D technology made the movie even more appealing for the viewers. People who have watched the first episodes have waited long enough for this. Thus, it’s worth a watch.

The True Story of Bethany Hamilton

On October 31, 2003 13 year old Bethany Hamilton went out surfing with a friend. She was lying on her board with her left arm dangling in the water when a 14 foot tiger shark took her arm. She had lost 60% of her blood, she spent seven days recovering in the hospital. She underwent many surgeries but she still hung in there. Despite the accident, she was determined to return to surfing. Amazingly, less than one month after the accident, she did. After teaching herself to surf with one arm, she began to surf competitively just as she was before the accident. Her story is amazing! Although she lost her arm she didn’t lose one thing, her faith. She uses her accident to glorify God.

I think we could all learn something from her perseverance and determination. It’s no wonder Bethany Hamilton has been an inspiration to millions of all ages with her movie and books! Soul Surfer is the movie of Bethany’s story. Soul Surfer is a very touching movie, even more so when you know the true story behind it. The surfing scenes are really well done. The movie did a great job on covering Bethany Hamilton’s story. The acting is amazing, you might even find your self crying with the actors! The casting is also very good, every actor seems to be perfect for their part! Bethany actually picked Anna Sophia Robb to play her. Soul Surfer is a great movie for a wide variety of ages, we all could probably learn something from this story. If you have not seen this movie, you are really missing out. I don’t like many movies, and this one is my all-time favorite! I highly recommend that you watch it! Why should you watch Soul Surfer? Me telling you I like it may not be good enough. Here are some solid reasons to persuade you that Soul Surfer is well worth your time.

The True Story Behind It-
Soul Surfer is based on a amazing and inspiring true story. We could all learn a lot from the perseverance and determination that shines throughout the movie. Watching Soul Surfer is a great way to learn about this story and in a way, experience it too.

The Surfing Scenes-
There are many surfing scenes throughout the movie. They are all really well done and exciting! If you love surfing, you will for sure love this movie.

The Amazing Acting-
The acting in this movie is amazing! The actors and actresses are great at their role, they do a great job displaying Bethany Hamilton’s ordeal.

Ghost – A Love Story Movie Review

“Ghost” is one of the most popular romantic movies of all time and it frequently appears near the top of the list for popular romantic movies and favorite movies for women. The emotional pull of the movie is provided by the yearning of the two lovers to be together despite the death of one of the partners.

Ghost was directed by Jerry Tucker and the leading characters are played by Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze, with a strong supporting role for Whoopie Goldberg, who won an Academy Award for her performance in this role. To date, it has earned more than $500 million worldwide and a stage production is scheduled to open in the West End in 2010.

Although there is a dramatic storyline which includes the murder of the husband, Sam (played by Patrick Swayze) and an attempt by the villain to harm the wife, Molly (Demi Moore) as well Sam’s friend, Oda Mae (Whoopie Goldberg), the real heart of the movie lies with the loving intimacy of Sam and Molly, both before and after his death.

There are a number of moving and tender moments as Sam’s spirit attempts to make physical contact with Molly. One unforgettable scene has Molly seated at a potters wheel, shaping clay and she senses his lingering, loving embrace. The song “Unchained Melody” beautifully captures the feelings of the pair at this moment.

The “real world” plot involves Sam’s friend, Carl, a co-worker at the bank where Sam was employed and who was responsible for Sam’s death. Carl has fraudulently transferred funds to another account, giving him access, and Sam has changed the password on the computer which enables this. Carl wants the new password and stages a robbery to obtain it but, in a scuffle which ensues, Sam is killed.

His spirit remains earthbound and Sam refuses to accompany his escorts to heaven. Instead, he finds a woman who has the psychic ability to hear his voice (Oda Mae) and through her tries to make contact with Molly. Despite her reluctance to be involved, at one point Oda Mae even allows Sam to “possess” her body so he can experience an embrace with Molly.

The plot involving the funds which Carl desperately tries to retrieve provides a necessary, if not entirely gripping framework, around which much of the emotional elements revolve.

Finally, all that remains is the tender love of Sam and Maggie after the villain has been vanquished. What do they – can they – do now? This is a special moment for them and the outcome has the audience in tears.