Sleepless in Seattle – A Love Story Movie Review

Sleepless in Seattle is the story of a sensitive and deeply feeling man and woman who are desperately yearning for a soulmate and whose lives brush gently without managing to bond. The movie reveals their longing and and individual needs as the suspense mounts with the uncertainty of whether they will actually meet.

This is an unusual concept in movie terms: there is no great physical passion displayed – as with Titanic, The Notebook, and many others – as the two leading characters do not become romantically involved during the movie, only seeing each other from afar. Yet the audience is ever alert to the depth of their feelings and sees the potential for a loving relationship.

They do not follow the traditional route of boy meets girl and they become enamored but there is a problem which keeps them apart (think Romeo and Juliet). With Sleepless in Seattle, the suspense derives from the question of whether the boy will actually MEET the girl so they can begin a relationship.

Released in 1993, the movie has been a box office success, grossing over $200 million on a budget of $20 million. Although it was passed over for a number of major film awards for which it was nominated, the emotional appeal of the movie has ensured its popularity and it is one of the most loved romantic movies.

The script was written by Nora Ephron, who also directed the movie, from a story by Jeff Arch. The leading roles are played by Tom Hanks (Sam Baldwin) and Meg Ryan (Annie Reed).

The opening reveals that Sam has recently moved to Seattle with his son, Jonah, after losing his wife to cancer. He is still despondent and feeling the pain of his loss. Young Jonah is concerned about his father and thinks that he should be preparing to move on with his life, possibly starting afresh with a new wife.

Jonah expresses his concern on a national radio show which is broadcast live on Christmas Eve. He persuades his father to also speak on the air and Sam’s deep feelings over the loss of his wife make a huge impact on listeners. As a result, thousands of women write to him and the letters manage to be delivered!

One writer is Annie, a journalist living in Baltimore, Maryland, where she is engaged to be married but not in love with her fiance.

Jonah sorts through the pile of letters received and singles out the one sent by Annie. He urges his father to contact Annie and arrange a meeting. However, Sam thinks his time could be better spent by dating a local girl.

Not one to be put off, Jonah writes to Annie using his father’s name and agrees to meet her on Valentine’s Day atop the Empire State Building, as happened in the earlier movie, An Affair To Remember, which was one of Annie’s favorite films (she is able to quote the dialog whilst shedding tears).

On a whim, Annie goes to Seattle, hoping to meet Sam and they glance at each other at the airport (he is there to see off a friend). Annie also goes to his house and, while watching Sam from across the road, mistakenly thinks his sister is a girlfriend. She decides to return to Baltimore and try to improve relations with her fiance.

As Jonah couldn’t persuade his father to go to New York for the meeting with Annie, on Valentine’s Day he decides to take the matter into his own hands and books a flight to New York intending to meet her himself. In the meantime, instead of going to the Empire State Building, Annie has agreed to have dinner with her fiance at a restaurant, which has the skyscraper visible in the background.

As a love story movie, Sleepless in Seattle skillfully builds the hopes and expectations of viewers and is well supported with a musical sound track which reached number one on the charts. It is well-deserving of its place as one of the all-time favorite romantic movies.

Great Movies for Guys to Enjoy Over and Over

A number of movies are made specifically for girls’ nights. They usually follow a basic formula, and they star a few famous women and a handful of handsome men. When they end, you can typically be assured that everything will work out well for the lead characters and everyone will live happily ever after.

While a large number of men have watched these movies, they can rest assured that Hollywood is still making movies specifically for men. From mobsters and contract killers to racecars and outer-space adventures, plenty of great guy flicks promise to take viewers away from the real world for a few hours on any given afternoon.

One of the best movies for men is 1994′s “Pulp Fiction,” which was written and directed by Quentin Tarantino. Some fans of the movie who had seen his previous work, “Reservoir Dogs,” were already familiar with his nonlinear storytelling style. Those who witnessed his wizardry for the first time felt themselves caught up in a film like never before. “Pulp Fiction” tells the story of two California hit men and the intertwining tales of other lives they touch over a few strange days. From a guy’s point of view, this movie has an abundance of male camaraderie, prolific use of colorful language, and a ridiculous amount of gunplay and gore. While many women love the movie, this film is ideal for guys to enjoy time and time again.

In 1999, David Fincher introduced a testosterone-fueled film called “Fight Club.” Starring Edward Norton and Brad Pitt as two men who start an underground fighting ring, this film is full of explosions, blood, and violence. At the start of the film, the protagonists are simply trying to find a way for men to get in touch with their baser instincts in order to truly appreciate their lives. Brutal fistfights are cleverly interspersed with humorous situations, a combination that male audiences can easily appreciate. “Fight Club” is another film that was viewed in theaters by men and women alike, but it is replayed on networks for men, such as FX and Spike.

Those looking for an enjoyable trip to the movies are likely to enjoy “Rush,” which hit theaters on September 27, 2013. Every eighteen months or so, director Ron Howard treats audiences to a film that is big on energy and excitement, and this year’s offering is no different. “Rush” tells the amazing story of Formula One racers James Hunt and Niki Lauda before and after the 1976 German Grand Prix. In a sport with virtually no room for mistakes, both drivers pushed their bodies and their machines to the limit in the quest for that year’s championship. Lauda almost lost his life in a horrific crash that year, and he had to overcome third-degree burns on his face and head in an attempt to finish the season. Howard does an exceptional job showing the speed and danger the two drivers faced in one of the best racing movies-and best guy movies-of all time.

One of the best mobster movies ever, 1990′s “Goodfellas” has some of the toughest characters to ever grace the big screen. Ray Liotta stars as Henry Hill, a New York kid who grew up idolizing the mobster lifestyle, and Robert DeNiro and Joe Pesci play two of his best buddies: James Conway and Tommy DeVito, respectively. Martin Scorsese used the efforts of these three actors to present an honest and shocking look at the growth of organized crime and the drug trade in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Well directed, superbly acted, and immensely quotable, “Goodfellas” remains one of the all-time best movies for men to enjoy.

Although the “Star Wars” franchise has already included seven films, and more are on the way, none of them could exist without the original. “Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope” was released in 1977 to the admiration of moviegoers worldwide. Although the film’s themes appealed to a wide audience, Luke Skywalker’s quest to defeat Darth Vader put dreams into the minds of many young boys. The story of a boy with modest beginnings who goes on to defeat an evil ruling empire was hardly new, but director George Lucas was able to update the story to include futuristic weapons, droids, and space travel. “Star Wars” spawned a transcendent franchise that boys of all ages will continue to enjoy for their entire lifetimes.

Every year, theaters are filled with a variety of family movies, romantic comedies, and other offerings with mass appeal, but sometimes a movie comes along that will resonate with men throughout repeated viewings. It’s not just the amount of blood or the number of fight scenes that make these movies live in men’s hearts; it’s the stories they tell. Whether the film concerns the rise and fall of a mob member or a young man’s journey from working on a small farm to destroying the Death Star, men appreciate a well-crafted yarn. They also like a good explosion here and there, a fact that Hollywood isn’t likely to forget anytime soon.

Top 20 Animation Movies – What Makes Them Tick?

Being in the animation industry, it is in my interest to keep abreast of which animated feature films are taking the most box office profits. Today I run by this list of the top 20 highest grossing animation movies of all time and I would like to share my views on why I think these movies did as well as they did. They will make up my recommended recipe for an animated feature box office hit.

1. Shrek 2 (3D) – $436,471,036

2. Finding Nemo (3D) – 339,714,978

3. The Lion King (2D) – 328,539,505

4. Shrek the Third (3D) – $322,719,944

5. Shrek (3D) – 267,665,011

6. The Incredibles (3D) – 261,657,004

7. Monsters, Inc. (3D) – 255,870,172

8. Toy Story 2 (3D) – $245,852,179

9. Cars (3D) – $244,082,982

10. Aladdin (2D) – 217,350,219

11. Ratatouille (3D) – $206,445,654

12. Happy Feet (3D) – $198,000,317

13. Ice Age: Meltdown (3D) – $195,330,621

14. Madagascar (3D) – $193,595,521

15. Toy Story (3D) – $191,780,865

16. The Simpsons Movie (2D) – $183,135,014

17. The Polar Express (3D) – $179,100,434

18. Ice Age (3D) – 176,387,405

19. Beauty and the Beast (2D) – $171,350,553

20. Tarzan (2D) – $171,091,819

Shrek – Top of the Crop

Shrek 2 takes the lead as you can see from the list. In fact, the Shrek trilogy takes the 1st, 4th and 5th positions, all in the top 5 positions. This is a very impressive feat and in my opinion, Shrek took the cake because the stories were really good and the gags were good. Of course it helped a lot that 4 major stars were casted – Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz, Antonio Banderas and Mike Myers. In fact, of the Shrek trilogy, I enjoyed Shrek 2 the most, so personally I am not surprised that it performed the best out of the three.

3D versus 2D

From the list below, we can see that 3D movies take 15 of the spots, in comparison with its 2D counterparts that take only 5 seats. It would seem from this statistic that the audience is favoring 3D animation to 2D animation. Even 2D/3D fusion shows like Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron and Treasure Planet did not seem to please them enough. It would seem that The Lion King, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast and Tarzen are only in the top 20 positions because of their strong family-orientated storylines and classic branding. The Simpsons Movie benefited basically through a huge fan base through its TV series. Barring such unique franchises, it would appear that a 3D show would trounce a 2D one any day. The animation studios seem to be echoing this sentiment as the quantity of 2D animated features produced has dwindled drastically in recent years.

A Strong Storyline

This is probably not new to you, but I will say it anyway. I think that one of the most important factors that will drive an animated feature would be a strong and compelling storyline. In fact I would go as far as to say that if you forgo everything else, you must have a great story to tell! Every single movie on the list tells an interesting story (well almost) and they all did well enough to make it to top twenty.

Laughter, the Best Medicine

People like to laugh. They like to laugh at others. They like to laugh at themselves. They just like to laugh. All things constant, I think Shrek takes three of the top five positions because of their gags and original jokes. And do not forget the two maestros of comedy – Mike Myers and Eddie Murphy – who performed the voiceovers for Shrek and Donkey respectively. How can you beat that lethal duo?

A Strong Voiceover Cast

It is a fact that a star-studded cast for the voiceovers is a crowd-puller, especially when the celebrities are well-liked and great performers. Again, refer to Shrek’s cast. With Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz, Eddie Murphy, Antonio Banderas, how can the movie go wrong?

The Importance of Recognizable Characters within the Show

This is just my theory, but I strongly believe that besides having a strong storyline, animated features should also showcase recognizable characters. And when I say recognizable characters, I don’t mean plain human characters. I mean monsters. I mean animals. I mean super heroes. With characters that are more interesting than humans, they are instantly more recognizable. Look at the list closely. Besides a couple of the old 2D movies, which other movie had a cast that only had plain old human beings for its lead? Having interesting and identifiable characters will most definitely attract ticket sales because people want to pay to watch interesting characters in an animated feature, not plain old human being! I don’t have to remind you again what a flop Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within was, do I?

My Personal Favourites

In case you are wondering, my personal favorites are Monster Inc, The Incredibles, Finding Nemo, Shrek 2 and Ice Age in that order. My reason? They all have strong and compelling storylines. And I put them in this order according to how much I enjoyed each individual movie. I must say that Monster Inc gave me the best enjoyment factor!


So here’s my recommended recipe for a animated feature box office success:

1. The movie must be done in 3D

2. It must have a compelling story to tell

3. Inject lots of humor into the show

4. Get a strong cast to be your voiceover talents

5. The character designs must be interesting and memorable

I hope that this article has been an interesting read. Please visit my websites to read more of my articles or simply to check out what I am doing.